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Data Entry Services

The projects and activities of data entry are accelerated regularly as we need the registered data for analytical business operations such as to update the database and to prepare invoices with the help of e-commerce data entry services. The whole procedure to enter data needs attentiveness and lots of time. Leo Graphics Solutions delivers seven outstanding services of data entry to handle business problems.

Services of Data Entry we offer

For many years Leo Graphics Solutions is a reliable data entry services provider for his global clients. Our engineers are very smart and experienced to understand the client’s needs and deliver the best services exactly as is accepting. We have mention below our premium Data entry services.

  • Services of image annotation

For reversing metadata such as captions, keywords and recover image and for SERPs.

  • Data entry for online

Provides perfection on online data like worksheets, online databases, a product list of a retail website.

  • Data entry for Real estate

We manage data for real estate like listing property, mortgages, and appraisals.

  • Data entry for Food Nutrition

Our engineers help to make the product label better and satisfy daily needs.

  • Data entry for the image

We help the client sorting images, capturing the image, keying image storing and indexing images.

  • Data eradication

We help in researching business information, market research, internet research, and reporting.

  • Enhancement of data

We provide services for address, e-email finder, phone, expired and invalid record finder and for data existing.

  • High volume data entry

For both on-going and one-time projects, we provide premium quality services.

  • Customization in email marketing and list-making

We provide customized and updated lists of contacts and enhancing data mining.

  • For research on the internet

We enhance the activities on the internet with the help od data entry including data extraction, data scanning as the client’s requirements.

  • Changing of PDF

We provide the format as client needs and can change non-PDF files into high-quality PDFs.

  • For data indexing, capturing, sorting and abstracting

We can conduct text indexing, full profile, catalog and to publish CD-ROMs duplication and backups of data.

  • Data entry for various documents

We can manage and deliver all kinds of projects.

Expect these Service Leo Graphics Solutions provides numerous services as follow

  • Data entry services for business card
  • Data entry services for Offshore
  • Services for capturing data
  • Data entry services for database
  • Data entry services for real estate appraisal
  • Data entry services for Geotagging
  • Data entry services for printing and handwriting
  • Services for the digitization of the restaurant menu
  • Data entry for insurance claims
  • Data entry for invoice forms
  • Services for data input
  • Data entry services for catalog
  • Data entry services for websites
  • Data entry for legal documents
  • Data entry for legal documents
  • Data entry for mailing lists
  • Data entry for making the company reports
  • Services for copy-paste as well as offline
  • Data entry for human gesture annotation
  • Surveys data entry
  • Data entry services for documents
  • Data entry services for directories
  • For developing migration and database
  • Data entry services for book
  • Data entry for multilingual invoice
  • Generate a biological species database
  • Data entry services for offline
  • Data entry services for Spanish
  • Data entry services for MySQL database
  • Data entry services for yellow pages
  • Data entry for numeric and text
  • Data entry services for enrolment forms
  • Data entry for registration of the product
  • Data entry to manage documents

The procedure of Data Entry by Leo Graphics Solutions

  • We have a well maintained and highly educated team to provide high-quality data entry service to their clients within the time limit.
  • Deep understanding
  • Create sample to finalize 
  • Implementation of the project
  • Maintain high quality
  • Uploads the project on the client’s portal after satisfaction

Advantages of Data entry services of Leo Graphics Solutions

  • Flexible and service at affordable prices
  • Privacy, safety, and security of data
  • Serving international clients of multiple industries
  • 24*7 hour Immediate solution for all your queries 
  • Provide customized solution according to client’s needs
  • Ability to manage international standards